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100% Natural new generation of anti-aging

The SEMIOCARE product relates to new ingredients used in the cosmetic treatment of the skin or in treating dermatological diseases and meets all the (new) market requirements. Our active ingredient SEMIODERM is 100% natural and participates in cell regeneration by delaying aging of skin cells. Thanks to this action the new cells will be more resistant and will safeguard skin firmness.

The SEMIOCARE effect is visible in the short term and long-lasting, without the bouncing effect that active ingredients currently used and that have, produce fast but short-lived effects (such as collagen, peptides, hormones, etc.). The skin is better nourished, denser, firmer and better oxygenated. It ages ‘better’.


Indeed, the principal molecules used in cosmetics and skincare today, such as collage, Vitamin C, polypeptides and hyaluronic acid have the main effect of ‘plumping’ and ’lifting’, and ‘smoothing’ for Vitamin C. They act either by causing tissue to swell (plumping effect) or by a firming effect (lift). These effects are only temporary and do not increase and protect the youth capital of skin cells.

Moreover, SEMIODERM, our all-natural active ingredient, promises to increase the lifespan of the various skin cells, while protecting them from intrinsic and extrinsic damage by supplying chains of amino acids, glycoprotein, and defensive factors.


Eventually, SEMIODERM is an anti-aging active ingredient with an innovative promise aimed at men and women over 35 years of age.

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